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Medium Sized Cassava Grater

Medium Sized Cassava Grater


Reduces size of cassava to mashable pulp

Item Specification

  Energy Source   Electricity/Diesel
  Power Drive   10 HP motor / 8 HP Diesel Engine
 Capacity/Type of Materials Used
 (MS or SS)
  1.5-2 tons/hr SS
  Size of Equipment (L x W x H)   50 x 24 x 50


Major Components

  • Hopper
  • Outlet
  • Stand
  • Grating surface
  • Motor
  • Adjustable block


  1. Place a receptacle/container at the outlet chute of the grater to receive the grated mash.
  2. Start engine/electric motor and allow to achieve operating speed
  3. Pour cassava into hopper, and activate the lever upwards and downwards to grate the cassava (moving the lever downwards puts pressure on the cassava against the grating surface)
  4. Apply smooth uniform pressure during the downwards movement of the lever.
  5. Stop engine/electric motor when grating is complete

Routine Maintenance

  1. Check foundation bolts and bearing bolts for looseness and tighten if necessary
  2. Check engine/electrical motor for soundness using the manufacturer’s recommendations as specified in the operator’s manual (e.g. Fuel, Oil, etc.).
  3. Clean grating machine before and after work every day. Wash the hopper and the grating compartment thoroughly with water.
  4. Check the belt tension for looseness and adjust if necessary. Loose and floppy belts reduce efficiency of the machine and can cause serious injury when they fly out.

Periodic Maintenance

  1. Grease the grating surface periodically, at least once a month when in everyday operation or before storage for longer duration.
  2. Check the grater bearings and replace when worn out (use stainless steel grating surface
  3. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for routine maintenance of the engine/ electric


04 July 2016


Medium Sized Cassava Grater


Equipment Fabrication

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