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Cassava Dough Press (Hydraulic)

Cassava Dough Press (Hydraulic)


Screw press for draining water from mashed/grated cassava

  Item Specifications 

  Energy Source   Manpower
  Power Drive -
  Capacity / Type of Materials Used (MS or SS)   0.5 tons/batch MS
  Size of Equipment (L x W x H)  


Major Components

  • Pressing chamber
  • Hydraulic jerk


  1. During operation, the bagged dough is placed in the dough cage with a wooden plank over it
  2. The press is placed on the wooden plank such that it is between the upper horizontal frame and the dough cage containing the dough
  3. Upon jacking, the ram rises until it touches the upper horizontal frame which restrains it from moving further up
  4. Hence, the bottom part rather moves downwards due to the restriction from the upper frame
  5. The wooden plank presses against the dough bag, thereby dewatering the dough
  6. When the desired level of moisture is achieved, the pressure of the jack is released and the pressed dough removed from the cage
  7. The exudate drip unto a receptacle placed below

Routine Maintenance

  1. Clean the machine before and after the day’s work.
  2. Clean metallic cages that hold dough everyday with ample water.
  3. Clean and wipe dry the press daily after operation
  4. Clean the cage and wooden plank dry daily after operation


04 July 2016


Cassava Dough Press (Hydraulic)


Equipment Fabrication

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