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Cassava Dough Press (Double Screw)

Cassava Dough Press (Double Screw)


Screw press for draining water from mashed/grated cassava

Item Specification

 Energy Source  Manual
 Power Drive  Manual
 Capacity/Type of Materials Used
(MS or SS)


Major Components

  • Screw press
  • Pressing press



  1. Turn the press screw anticlockwise with the aid of the short press bar to raise the press plate to a suitable height.
  2. Clean the press; wash the bottom and press plates with water.
  3. Remove the door of the pressing chamber by unscrewing the four wing nuts.
  4. Stack grated cassava in mini polypropylene sacks of 30-40kg and tie the open ends.
  5. Place the loaded sacks on the bottom plate through the opened door. Arrange in two rows, one sack on the top of the other. Rows must have even heights.
  6. Close the door and tighten the wing nuts securely.
  7. Apply load pressure on the dough with the press plate by turning the press screw clockwise. Use the short press bar lever first and as the resistance increases, use the longer press bar.
  8. Press intermittently allowing 5 to 10 minutes after every press to enable the dough to drain. Caution: Continuous pressure/excessive
  9. pressure without allowing liquid to drain may burst the sack.
  10. Feel with fingers to check the hardness of dough, as an indication of well-drained dough.
  11. When pressing is complete, unscrew the press screw and wing nuts, and remove the door.
  12. Remove the pressed dough for further processing

Routine Maintenance

  1. Clean the machine before and after the day’s work. Wash the bottom and press plates with ample water.

Periodic Maintenance

  1. Check the foundation bolts for looseness and tighten when necessary.
  2. Check the press screw and nut for dryness and grease when necessary (greasing may last over six months).



04 July 2016


Cassava Dough Press (Double Screw)


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