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For shredding leafy/herbaceous materials 

 Item Specification

   Energy Source   Electricity/Diesel
   Power Drive   5 HP Motor / 6HP Diesel
   Capacity/Type of Materials Used (MS or SS)  
   Size of Equipment (L x W x H)   

Major Components

  • Blades
  • Motor
  • Speed control


  1. Adjust the blades on the flywheel to match size of slices to be produced.
  2. Place a receptacle or container at the outlet of the slicing machine.
  3. Start the motor / engine.
  4. Pass feed through the inlet.
  5. Stop motor or engine when slicing is completed.

Routine Maintenance

  1. Check belt tension before slicing and adjust if necessary.
  2. Check and sharpen blades of the slicer before every use.
  3. Periodic Maintenance
  4. Check and grease bearings at least once a month.
  5. Follow the servicing schedule of the motor or engine as prescribed by the manufacturer.


04 July 2016




Equipment Fabrication

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