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Groundnut Colloid Mill

Groundnut Colloid Mill


For grinding groundnuts and other cereals into colloid.

Item Specification 

    Energy Source     Electricity
    Power Drive     5HP motor
    Capacity/Type of Materials Used (MS or SS)  

 Major Components

  • Motor
  • Hopper
  • Milling disk
  • Outlet
  • Cooling jacket


  1. The product is subjected to high shearing, cutting, and rubbing forces between two toothed surfaces.
  2. The product passes down the hopper, gets seized in the preliminary breaking drum and is broken and thrown in to the centrifugal effect of the rotor.
  3. The material then moves to the second tooth stage.
  4. The tooth design of the grinding set will cause powerful vibrations, which subjects the particles to high degree of forces.
  5. Intense whirling multiplies the grinding and mixing effect.
  6. The process is continued till the material reaches the lowest grinding stage.
  7. The ground material leaves the mill through the outlet pipe. In case the texture is not smooth enough, it can be recirculated.


  1. Clean mill at the close of work daily by flushing with water and suitable solvent and must be carried out while the machine is running
  2. Power supply must be 3-phase alternating current, and with the mill body grounded properly. The rotating direction of motor should correspond to the arrow marked on the mill base(clockwise)
  3. All screws must be well fastened before operating the equipment
  4. Mount the mill on a perfect level surface of concrete foundation and screw down into a permanent position by foundation bolts


04 July 2016


Groundnut Colloid Mill


Equipment Fabrication

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