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Corn Dehusker

Corn Dehusker


For dehusking corn cobs

   Item Specification 

   Energy Source    Electricity or Diesel
   Power Drive    1 HP motor / Deisel engine
   Capacity / Type of Materials Used (MS or SS)  

Major Components

  • Motor
  • Hopper
  • Rollers/Dehusker


  1. Set the belt speed to the slowest setting to begin with.
  2. Switch Dehuller on and feed a small sample of seed into the feed funnel, and allow it to pass through the Dehuller.
  3. Check sample for damage to grains and also the quantity of dehulled grains
  4. If grains is dehulled but damaged, increase the gap between the assembly and try with a new sample; making adjustments until seed is dehulled and undamaged.
  5. After this tighten the assembly.


  1. Machine must be switched off and disconnected from power source prior to any adjustments and the stand must be adjusted to level the machine.
  2. Rotating Disc should be cleaned with a brush, detergent and water after 10hrs of operation
  3. Clean abrasive surfaces with brush and detergent during buildup of seed residue
  4. Check and replace rotating parts when surfaces become dull usually after 120 hours of operation


04 July 2016


Corn Dehusker


Equipment Fabrication

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