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On-going Projects


1. To develop technology for processing three intermediate products of cassava, transferred and adopted by 2500 primary out-growers and out-processors.

2. To develop technology for developing composite flour of yam, cocoyam and sweet potato and successfully transferred and adopted by flour and bakery enterprises

3. To develop cassava and cereal flour and integrate into bread making and other pastry products for scaling-up of the developed technologies.

Work Package 4:

 Ensuring the safety and quality of processed cassava products in market--orientated production


 Executive summary

 Cassava is one of the most important root and tuber crops, providing nourishment for more than half a billion people the world over. It derives its importance from the fact that it is a valuable source


1) To cultivate four different species of edible mushrooms, Pleurotusostreatus, P. tuber-regium, Ganoderma sp. and Termitomyces sp.

2) To develop a new mushroom-based food

3) To assess consumer acceptability of the new mushroom-based products.

The Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C:AVA) Project is currently developing value chains for HQCF in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Malawi. This will improve the livelihoods and incomes of at least 90,000 smallholder households as direct beneficiaries, including women and disadvantaged groups. It promotes the use of HQCF as a versatile raw material for which diverse markets exist.

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