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Y-Cone Mixer

Y-Cone Mixer


For multipurpose mixing

Item Specification

   Energy Source    Electricity
   Power Drive    1.0 HP motor and 5HP motor
   Capacity or Type of Materials Used (MS or SS)    0.2ton/batch
   Size of Equipment    (L x W x H)

 Major Components

  • Two electric motors
  • Auger
  • Mixing chamber


  1. Load the products to be mixed through the two circular openings.
  2. The machine operates by moving the products beyond their angle of repose so the surfaces keep on sliding over each other.
  3. The unique geometry of the “Y” cone provides a simultaneous axial or cross flow of particles by the dividing and recombining of the mass as it flows into and from the two arms of the rotating blender.
  4. Mixing screw performs its mixing with twin rotating actions (two electric motors, one at each end). Mixing screw rotates about its own axis, thus, achieving bottom to top circulation.
  5. Meanwhile, the orbital arm revolves the mixing screw about the centreline of the cone, distributed the mixing all over the cone periphery.
  6. The outcome of these simultaneous actions is a fast and intensive mixing with low power consumption and high standard of mixing accuracy.
  7. In practise this produces a tumbling, rolling and folding action resulting in a highly efficient mix in a minimum of time.

Routine Maintenance

  1. Clean the mixer before and after use.
  2. Check electrical connections and make sure they are tight and sound.
  3. Check and maintain belt tension. Replace belt, if worn out
  4. Tighten all loose bolts, nuts and screws



04 July 2016


Y-Cone Mixer


Equipment Fabrication

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