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Completed Projects

USAID/CORAF (WE CARD) SONGHAI Project- Improving Post-Harvest Quality and Packaging of Rice, SorghumlMillet and Cassava Products to Enhance Marketability
in West Africa

FRI-FNSD was contracted by WFP to conduct nutritional impact assessment of its community outreach and training on micro-nutrient fortification pilot projects. These projects aimed at improving the nutritional status of women and children by promoting flour fortification and consumption of iodized salt. The pilot projects also provided an alternate source of income for the women groups through milling, fortification and re-bagging and sale of iodized salt as a business. The pilot projects had the overarching goal of fighting against micronutrient deficiency while increasing income of women groups in their respective communities.

Training on micro-nutrient fortification for rural women in poor communities is part of the scale-up of the community-based milling and fortification project in Northern Ghana. The project implemented by the World Food Programme aimed at reducing malnutrition in Northern Ghana. Training was organized for twenty- seven (27) women based groups in ten districts of the three northern regions of Ghana. The CSIR- Food Research Institute was contracted by WFP as part of this project to transfer the technology of flour fortification with micronutrient premix.A participatory approach was adopted to help the beneficiaries understand and appreciate the intervention to tackle malnutrition in the communities. This was done in collaboration with the Engineering
Unit of the Food Processing Division. A total of about 1,211 women were trained. Detailed report is available.

Cultivation of the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) on cellulosic residues from rice straw.

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