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Solar House Dryer

Solar House Dryer


For multipurpose drying of fruits, tubers, spices etc.

Item Specification 

   Energy Source    Solar
   Power Drive    -
   Capacity / Type of Materials Used (MS or SS)    250 - 200 kg per batch

Major Components

  • Perspex roofing
  • Drying chamber
  • Racks
  • Trays



  1. Load product into the solar house
  2. Open vent to regulate air flow
  3. Periodically check the products and inside temperature of the dryer to ensure proper drying of the products.
  4. Remove the product when its dried to aspiration
  5. Clean dryer of debris

Routine Maintenance

  1. Periodically clean out the dryer by sweeping out the debris; usually after the days’ work
  2. Open the dryer when not in use, this will prevent over heating which might destroy the reduce the life span of the dryer
  3. Clean the surface of the Perspex to allow for maximum penetration of solar radiation.

Periodic Maintenance

  1. Periodically change damaged Perspex





04 July 2016


Solar House Dryer


Equipment Fabrication

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